2020.02.15 Crown Point II

In competition, it was a hard fought day at Crown Point Saturday.  574B (3-3-0, rank 28),

574H (2-4-0, rank 43), 574A (2-4-0, rank 48) and 574G (2-4-0, rank 52) competed well in

the qualification rounds.

The 574F (4-2-0, rank 16) alliance lost to the 574C (6-0-0, rank 5) alliance in the round of 16. 

574D (6-0-0, rank 3) alliance powered through to the semifinals. 574C alliance bid for the

championship ended with a loss by two cubes.


574C put up a Skills Championship best combined skills score of 147, elevating their World
Skills Rank to 16th place out of 25,000 teams around the globe.

2020.02.08 Plymouth

IMG_3972.JPGIt was a good day of competition at Plymouth Saturday.  574G (1-4-1, rank 46) and 574H (2-3-1, rank 36) competed well in the qualification rounds.  5 Iron Pride teams made in into the elimination bracket, with 574D (6-0-0, rank 1) choosing 574C (5-1-0, rank 4) for the first seed alliance,  574F (4-2-0, rank 14), choose 574A (2-3-1, rank 34) for the ninth seed alliance and 574B (2-4-0, rank 40) was chosen by a John Glenn team for the tenth seed alliance.  Teams 574F, 574A, and 574B fought valiantly in the round of 16 but did not advance. 574D and 574C conquered in the quarterfinal and semifinal rounds, crushing the field in the finals round, winning the tournament 76-12.  574D also threw down a team best combined skills score of 132, bringing home the Robot Skills trophy and elevating their World skills rank to 25th place.

2020.01.31-02.01 Night at the Museum

Wawasee Iron Pride robotics traveled 1,322 miles round trip to compete at the Vex Night at the Museum Signature Event in Chantilly, VA January 31-February 1. No team escaped the qualification rounds unscathed with an undefeated record, a truetestament to the level of competition present. 574D finished their qualification rounds with a record of 6-3-0 and a rank of 16, earning them a 14th seed spot in elims. 574C finished their qualification rounds with a record of 5-4-0 and a rank of 26, securing an11th seed spot.

574C defeated the sixth seeded alliance in the round of 16 with 574D successfully dispatching the third seeded alliance.  In the quarterfinals, both teams were pitted against each other. 574C came out on top, winning 55-37. 574C then advanced into the semifinal rounds where they lost the match because their alliance partners were disqualified due to a rules violation. 

Way to represent Indiana, Iron Pride!


2020.01.25 Zionsville

Wawasee had a good showing at Zionsville High School on Saturday. 574H and 574G finished the qualification rounds at 2-4-0 and 0-5-1, respectively. Four teams advanced to the elimination rounds. 574B (rank 24, 3-3-0) and 574F (rank 21, 4-2,0) fought hard in the round of 16.  574A (rank 7, 5-1-0) was an alliance captain, choosing 2567K (rank 9) and charged to the quarter finals.  All four teams in the finals match faceoff were undefeated up to that point, winning every one of their nine matches of the day. 7701X Xenith (rank 3) chose 574C (rank 5), setting off a clash against the worlds qualified titans, 6842Z (rank 1)  and 7701T (rank 2). 574C finished the day as Tournament Finalists.

2020.01.17-18 Kalahari Classic

Wawasee Robotics set a world record match high score of 124 points at the Kalahari Classic this weekend in Sandusky, Ohio!
The Kalahari Classic was a 2 day signature event with teams from 10 states and Canada. Teams 574D and 574C in qualification match 288 scored 124 points, collecting 21 of 22 orange cubes on the field to set the score.
574A (rank 147, 0-7-1), 574B (rank 117, 2-6-0), and 574F (rank 78, 4-4-0) fought hard in the qualification rounds. 574D (rank 4, 8-0-0) was an alliance captain, choosing 574C (rank 106, 3-5-0) to partner up for elims. 574C & D won their round of 16 match with a close score of 33-31. They lost in the quarter finals (13-21).IMG_3483 (1).jpg