2019.11.8-9 Speedway Tower Takeover 2019

Speedway Tower Takeover 2019 was a great experience for the Wawasee Iron Pride Robotics Team. Teams spent 2 days competing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway with 55 teams from 7 states and Canada. Teams 574A (3-7), 574G (2-8), and 574H (3-6-1,) represented the Iron Pride well in the qualification rounds. 574D was chosen by 7701X from Zionsville and 574C chose 574F to ally and compete in the elimination rounds. All four of those teams faced off in the round of 16 in a hotly contested sea of green with 574C and 574F coming out on top.Teams C and F battled their way through the quarterfinals and went down by a narrow margin of one scoring object in the semifinals. Team 574D finished out their day by bringing home the Build Award, an award given to a team that has built a well-crafted and constructed robot that also shows a clear dedication to safety and attention to detail. Great job this weekend, Iron Pride! WE ARE GROOT!

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